Pretty much anything can happen in dance music. Whenever a subculture settles in and appears to have its rules set in stone, it only takes a while for new pioneers to seemingly pop up out of nowhere and challenge the establishment. A striking example is KIKKR, the brainchild of two musicians with strong personalities.

In 2015, during a session with Manu DiBango, Grammy nominated record producer Rand “Patch” Ralph (Shaggy, Don Omar) met drummer and musical director Virgile Carlsson (Louane). Although from different cultures and backgrounds they had a lot in common. Both were very critical of society and the music industry. Both loved bad women and good whiskey. But most importantly, they both shared the same objective: blending live performance and DJ set into one experience.

Patch, being from Amsterdam, likes to play house music and trap. Virgile, from Paris, gets inspired by pop and rock bands. When combining the two, KIKKR’s musical identity emerges: modern and authentic, yet open and commercial. Their creativity further expresses itself on stage. The duo built their own equipment to be able to remix any track live while maintaining the integrity of a DJ set. It’s a philosophy. No usb keys or playback: if it can be done live, it will be done live. The people came to see a show and that’s what they will get. Festival or club, the only thing that really matters is the crowd going wild. They have a flair for the dramatic: epic drum solos, stage dives and champagne showers are a common sight. All publicity is good publicity, waiting for the right opportunity to unleash their full potential.

KIKKR is about pushing limits, honesty and taking risks. Their first single “You’re Making Me High”, released by Virgin EMI in London, is a meet and greet. It combines the 90s smash we all love, vocals by IDEH, tropical synths and poppy chords into a house banger that hits the spot in the club as well as on the radio. Upcoming tracks feature a wide range of guest artists and range from house to tropical to urban and beyond.




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